At Sollo, we define this as a strategy to actively guide a customer through an interaction designed to anticipate the emotional response and pre-emptively offer solutions that create a mutually beneficial resolution outcome. This is a not only a strategy on paper but a code of behaviour created to consistently handle customer issues in a friendly, personable and professional manner that reflects on the representative and the company. By reducing effort from customers and enhancing the experience, experience engineering significantly benefits service and makes your job a lot easier.

This method was uniquely designed to give all our clients greater ownership over their work by allowing them to focus on what they can control instead of dwelling on what is out of their control. Customers are less likely to demand and cooperation between yourself and them will be of a much higher standard.

What’s in it for you?

By using our intuitive framework to guide your interactions with customers (instead of following a regimented approach), you will gain more autonomy to tailor each individual interaction as you see fit. We are advocates for your customers. We help develop stronger rapport between you as a client and your customer. Our campaigns and business development strategies will aid you in spending less time negotiating, resulting in a more pleasant customer exchange.

Return on Investment

What we do in each of our roles at Sollo is pivotal in delivering the Vision. Our vision is something quite simple, ‘To Grow Passionate Promoters through dramatically improving the Customer Experience’. We use the word dramatically as we felt it was the right word to demonstrate the simplicity shift that’s needed to make customers happy. Passionate Promoters are those customers who would recommend our clients product or service to family and friends based on their interaction with us.

So what does this strategy mean?

It means our people are empowered to do what it takes to ensure our events run smoothly and everyone leaves the venue as a loyal consumer of your product or service. Everything we do has to be simple and  smart. Our job is to make each customer feel like an expert by the time they head home. So ultimately, our thinking needs to change so that customers become the expert and we deliver the unmatched experience. It’s all about the customers, without them we wouldn’t exist. What does this mean? We will look at how we reward and recognise those who go out and help grow your NPS (Net Promoter Score) in order to foster a customer obsessed culture that recognises innovation, values diversity and celebrates success.

“As a winner in your own line of business, you should see it as good sense in associating yourself with other winners and being involved in aspirational activities which excite the public.” Founder: Sollo Inc