Sollo inc offers business development and interactive marketing solutions. Our company’s business development solutions enable our clients to reach new customers and grow their business through partnerships enabling them to penetrate new markets, as well as deepen the presence and impact in existing markets. Our interactive marketing solutions include content development, email marketing, search engine marketing, media planning and buying services

In these times of constantly shrinking budgets and increased competition, why should a company continually invest in seeking the most effective marketing strategy that it can develop? A market-driven strategy allows a company to truly understand its market and the customers that are the basis for this market. This effort allows for a more effective integration of all activities that may impact customer value, which in turn affects both return-on-investment and profitability. An effective and efficient marketing strategy is based upon information, which can be used to developing sound business strategies increase your return-on-investment, allow for more successful innovation, and lead to better branding efforts, increase the effectiveness of your promotional efforts and Strengthen your online marketing efforts.

Marketing is not a short-term solution, as it takes considerable effort to build both a market-organizational culture and strategies. Also, measuring marketing efforts solely in terms of financial performance does not really tell us whether real progress is being made towards developing a successful market-driven strategy. Cutting your marketing budget to realize short-term cost savings and bolster profitability may actually work against being able to achieve strategic goals and enhancing perceived customer value. This is the goal of any impact enterprise.

To further enhance their efforts, being able to develop effective integrated multi-channel marketing strategies allows our clients to reap greater returns as a result of marketing efforts that embrace synergy. This means that their targeted beneficiaries are reached at different times in different ways, and that the most successful marketing communication efforts contained an appropriate mix of media for their audience. We see that consumers who interact with a company over multiple channels tend to be more loyal and profitable than single channel consumers. Again, to become a successful multi-channel marketer, you must first, and foremost, understand your customers and their preferences, and then create an effective communications campaign using the multi-channel approach.

Of the many simple methods we use to influence customers perception, digital action plans to complement existing campaigns, online reputation management, partnership marketing as well as SEO(search engine optimization) are some of the services we provide and they align perfectly with our organisational goal which is to make everything we do “Simpler-Smarter- Faster.” These services allow anyone to have instant access to all the information you want them to have regarding that particular product or service. It’s that Simple, smart and fast. Just the way Sollo likes it.