Sollo-Inc. is a black youth owned social enterprise. It’s been developed based on multiple principles, mainly to discover, nurture and unleash the potential of young South Africans who otherwise would be left to their own devices.

Social enterprises, or SE's as they are more affectionately known, are impact driven organisations that apply market driven business growth strategies to achieve a social purpose. Their main aim is to accomplish a double bottom line. Making an impact on a mission as well as the financial outcomes of the business. They vary greatly, depending on interests and market opportunities available to them. SE's can be easily created when a non-profit has organisational capacity and marketable assets that can be leveraged along with social market opportunities. We at Sollo are a team dedicated to one goal, increasing customer satisfaction.

With this in mind we consider various outcomes, one of which is to influence loyalty. Of the many ways to influence loyalty, the most effective strategy is to reduce customer effort. Customers with high-effort experiences are more likely to be disloyal than those with low effort experiences. We therefore avoid at all times any activity which will yield high effort for customers.

The Full picture of effort

To avoid effort there is more to it than simple resolution of customer issues. In fact, a customer’s interpretation of the interaction- their subjective impression of how they felt during the interaction is extremely important. By implementing our technique of experience engineering, you will gain a great deal of control over this important component of customer effort.